Add Tracking to Your Web Site

With the proper setup your web site can provide you a wealth of information about your customers and prospects. You can discover :
  • How many people visit your site
  • What pages are most visited and when do people leave your site
  • Where they click on your pages and where they get confused
  • Which links are the most popular and most likely to get new business
  • How to make your site more user friendly

Automatic Site Content Update

Most business owners are excited to develop or update their web site, but then they move on and forget about it. Unfortunately, so do your customers. Xolutions can help you:
  • Update your site with fresh content automatically
  • No time is required on your part to update your site
  • Keep your web site fresh and interesting
  • Increase your Goggle ranking with updated content

Avoid Catastrophic Data Loss

Backing up critical data is often overlooked in small business. Xolution can help you set up a backup system that will:
  • Allow you to access documents that you have accidentally over written or deleted
  • Preserve data in the event of a hard drive failure
  • Store your data offsite in case of a disaster such as a tornado, fire or other event
  • Preserve your past years financial data in case of an audit